Smooth for the Summer: Your Guide to Laser Hair Removal

By: Nicole Angione APRN, Ocoee

By: Nicole Angione APRN, Couture Med Spa Ocoee

Summer is quickly approaching so drop that razor and start thinking laser! Yes, I am talking about Laser Hair Removal. Laser hair removal is one of many popular treatments here at Couture Med Spa. Clients can come in for a quick 15-minute appointment and minimize the amount of time they spend shaving. Imagine not ever having to shave, tweeze, or wax ever again… Sign me up! At Couture Med Spa, you can get laser hair removal on many different areas such as face, neck, chest, back, and arms to name a few. There are different membership plans that let clients maximize this treatment on multiple areas. So let me ask you… are you ready to go hairless?

3 Things to Do (Or Not Do!) Prior to Laser Hair Removal

When I first started as a Nurse Practitioner with Couture Med Spa, I was super excited to try every treatment that they had to offer – especially laser hair removal. I have several friends who have had the treatment done and raved about the benefits, but I honestly just never had the time to do it. However, since I live in Florida, and with summer quickly approaching, I was excited and ready to jump on the smooth skin train. Prior to the laser hair removal treatment on my lower legs, there were certain things I needed to do:

  1. Shave: I made sure to shave to maximize my results. The Vectus laser used at Couture Med Spa is designed to target the color or melanin in the hair follicle to damage it and prevent hair growth. Therefore, if I shaved my leg hair prior to treatment, the laser could get down deeper into the hair follicle for better results. If I did not shave prior to the treatment, the laser would just singe the hair off and not target deep enough down into the hair follicle to damage it, severely limiting the results of the treatment.
  2. No Self-Tanner or Antibiotics: Along with shaving prior to laser hair removal treatment, the use of antibiotics and self-tanner should not be used 2 weeks prior to your laser treatment. Antibiotics can cause photosensitivity thus making the skin very sensitive to the laser. Self-tanner can cause the Vectus laser to target the self-tanner on the skin instead of the melanin in the hair follicle thus causing undesired results.
  3. No Sunburn: The last thing I had to ensure prior to my treatment was that I did not have any recent sunburn or significant sun exposure within the last two weeks. Sunburn to the skin makes the skin very sensitive and adding a laser treatment on top of sensitive skin is not recommended. After confirming that I was all set for my appointment I was excited for smooth silky skin this summer because lets me honest it’s scary to be hairy!

The Laser Hair Removal Treatment Experience

Once in the treatment room at Couture Med Spa, I was prepped with Lux lotion to allow consistent, smooth contact between my skin and the Vectus laser. The provider wore proper safety goggles and my eyes were also protected from the laser light. The safety of our clients is something that Couture Med Spa always stands by. During the treatment, I expected there to be pain as the hair follicles were being damaged by the laser. However, I was surprised to find that the treatment was not how I anticipated! Sara, another nurse practitioner at Couture Med Spa, made me feel very comfortable during my experience and the treatment just felt like little hot zaps here and there. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by how quick and effective the treatment was. A mild sunburn sensation can be expected but I did not have any issues post-treatment. After a few treatments, I noticed that my hair thickness was diminishing along with the amount of hair present. I couldn’t believe that after my first treatment I was ready to tell my razor we are never ever, ever getting back together!

Post Laser Hair Removal Care

Couture Med Spa recommends at least 6 treatments per area to maximize results. This is because our hair grows in different cycles. Since the laser works by targeting the hair follicles, it’s important to have multiple treatments to ensure that all the follicles in the desired area are accounted for.

Stubble may continue for 7 to 30 days post-treatment due to hairs being expelled from the skin after treatment. Some clients do require more treatments based on their hair characteristics, but a customized plan can be discussed with our providers. Redness or irritation can occur from inflammation of the hair follicle post-treatment. To help with this, you should avoid shaving, excessive sweating, swimming pools, and sun exposure.  Sunscreen with SPF of 45 or greater should be applied after any laser to avoid skin color changes.

I personally had a great experience with my laser hair removal. As a provider, I will continue to spread the knowledge about this amazing treatment. After all, no one likes prickly skin or having to spend time shaving… so become hair free and carefree with laser hair removal!