Med Spas for Men

By: Nicole Angione APRN, Ocoee

By: Nicole Angione APRN, Couture Med Spa Ocoee
There is a stigma out there that taking care of your skin is only something that women do. However, many men also want to hold onto their youthful appearance. And why not? It’s great to see that the amount of men seeking aesthetic treatments is increasing every year!
Here at Couture Med Spa, we offer a variety of treatments beyond just Botox that are perfect for men, such as laser hair removal, Trusculpt treatments, medical-grade skincare products, facials, and laser treatments. 


Laser Hair Removal for Men

“Stop thinking razors and start thinking lasers!”
Let’s face it, men tend to have more hair growth than women due to testosterone levels which is why laser hair removal is a great treatment for men that have unwanted body hair. Why spend all that time shaving or worse, having to ask someone to shave for you? 
At Couture, we want to make your life easier with our laser hair removal treatments.
Our Vectus laser is designed to target the color or melanin in the hair follicle to damage it and prevent hair growth on areas such as on arms, back, neck, face, chest, legs, and abdomen. Living in Florida where we spend a lot of time in the sun and at the beach, these laser hair removal treatments can save you time and money on shaving supplies plus the overall hassle of shaving unwanted hair. 
Couture Med Spa recommends at least 6 treatments, but some clients do require more treatments based on their hair characteristics. 
Schedule a free consultation to build out a customized plan with one of our providers.


Trusculpt for Men

Some of us may have experienced a last of gym time due to social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic and we could all use a good Trusculpt treatment to help eliminate any excess fat cells that we may have accumulated. 
The treatment works by using radiofrequency to heat up and destroy the fat cells that are then naturally broken down and disposed of by the body over several months after the treatment. In sessions of one hour or less, you can be on your way to a trimmer belly with no downtime. 
Stop sweating at the gym in a mask and try a TruSculpt treatment today!


Skincare & Facials for Men

When it comes to facials, we know you’re skeptical and not typically interested in indulging in this relaxing self-care treatment. The truth is that getting facials is almost like getting an oil change. The skin is the largest organ in the body and needs to be maintained monthly with deep exfoliation and extraction to maintain a healthy youthful appearance and function properly. 
The Couture Facial allows men to receive a double cleanse, facial massage, exfoliation, and extraction all ensuring proper hydration and protection to the skin.
All clients, men, AND women, love using facial services as a moment to relax and take time for themselves. Our estheticians can also give recommendations on which medical-grade products can help your skin in ways you never knew existed. 


Fractional Laser for Men

Along with treating fine lines and wrinkles with Botox, you may find that our non-ablative fractional laser could help even more. 
The fractional laser uses pulses from the laser that are delivered down into the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin to cause inflammation and stimulate collagen production. Every year a person loses about one percent of collagen so engaging in collagen production treatments such as the fractional laser will keep a more youthful appearance. Fractional is for clients who want to reduce the appearance of aging and improve skin texture without wanting a dramatic change or the extended downtime that comes with surgery.
Here at a Couture Med Spa, men can continue to age fine like wine.


IPL Laser for Men

Our intense pulsated light laser, also known as “IPL treatment”, improves the appearance of photo-aged skin, removes age spots (sun-induced pigmentation), most benign brown pigments, and redness caused by broken capillaries. 
If you have spent hours outdoors, especially in Florida, doing all of your favorite activities then you are at risk for age spots and brown pigmentation from the sun. However, we can help you reverse the signs of aging by removing brown pigmentation with our IPL laser.  
Call Couture Med Spa at any of their three locations and ask about a complimentary consultation to see if our spa services are right for you.