5 Myths about Dermal Fillers

By: Sara Katan APRN & Nicole Angione APRN Ocoee

By: Sara Katan APRN & Nicole Angione APRN, Couture Med Spa Ocoee

When people hear the word fillers, they think of unnatural or “duck” lips. The media has done a poor job of portraying the reality of dermal fillers. Here at Couture Med Spa, we want to help ease your mind and expose common myths associated with receiving this treatment. Fillers are an excellent option for those with aesthetic concerns but do not wish to undergo invasive surgery. At Couture Med Spa, we offer a wide selection of affordable hyaluronic acid fillers such as Galderma’s Restylane products and Allergan’s Juvederm products to achieve your cosmetic filler needs.

Life is short, buy the cheeks!

Myth #1 Fillers are unsafe 

Cosmetic fillers used at Couture Med Spa are made from a substance that is produced naturally by the skin called Hyaluronic Acid that plays a role in keeping the skin hydrated and volumized. All fillers used at Couture Med Spa are safe and FDA approved. Our injectors are all master trained in aesthetics.

Myth #2 Injectables are painful

All fillers used at Couture Med Spa have lidocaine integrated to promote comfort while injecting along with the topical numbing cream that is used for certain areas prior to treatment and ice that are applied during the treatment to help minimize discomfort. 

I got 99 problems, but thin lips ain’t one!

Myth #3 There will be a lot of bruising and swelling

For fillers, much of the bruising and swelling that can occur with filler injections can be reduced with cold compresses and arnica post-treatment. Most of the time, bruising or swelling can be concealed with make-up. As a safeguard against the occasions when it is more noticeable, we recommend that you don’t have your filler treatments performed within two weeks of a major event. 

Myth #4 I’ll look unnatural or overfilled

Couture Med Spa’s mission is to enhance your natural beauty. Fillers are products used to replace the volume we lose in our faces as we age. Certainly, if too much is placed, or it is placed in the wrong location, it can look unnatural. During your consultation with one of our providers, we’ll create a customized plan to determine the best filler for your needs and how much should be used for optimum results. Everyone will notice, but no one will know!

Myth #5 Fillers will stretch out your skin leaving it saggy

Fillers do not stretch the skin but rather add volume where volume is lost. Once your filler wears off, your body naturally dissolves the product and skin will slowly return to its pretreatment state.

Determining the best filler for your facial needs is why Couture Med Spa offers a complimentary consultation to our clients before any anti-aging treatment. Treatments with affordable fillers vary in the areas of the face being treated. During your consultation with your advanced trained provider, a customized skin plan is created to determine the best filler for your needs and how much should be used for optimum results.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the hands of the injector.