Introducing VANQUISH ME

By Tiffany M. Darnold, MMS, PA-C, Oviedo 

By Tiffany M. Darnold, MMS, PA-C, Couture Med Spa Oviedo 

Are you looking for a way to say goodbye to unwanted fat? Allow Couture Med Spa to introduce you to the new VANQUISH ME treatment! VANQUISH ME is a contactless, non-surgical, no anesthesia option for non-invasive fat cell reduction and body contouring. Want to know more? Read on for all you need to know about this revolutionary new treatment option. 

How does VANQUISH ME work?

VANQUISH works by using high-frequency electromagnetic fields to disrupt adipocyte cells to reduce volume due to fat cells. It’s a low-risk procedure that is not going to require a lot of recovery time!

What body areas can you use VANQUISH?

Abdomen, love handles, thighs, arms, bra bulge, calves, and ankles. Kiss all of your problem areas goodbye!

Who is a candidate for Vanquish? 

If you have more than 1 inch of fat to lose, you can benefit from VANQUISH. Unlike older technology VANQUISH ME, works well even with a BMI >30. So whether you need to lose a little or a lot, VANQUISH can help! 

You may not be a candidate if you have any of the following: Any active implants (cardiac defibrillator, pacemaker, insulin pump, cochlear implant, etc), metal implants in the treatment area (metal IUDs, metal joint implants, spinal rods, etc), cancer, certain infections, heat sensitivity, recent surgery in the treatment area, or are currently pregnant/breastfeeding.

If you have less than 1 inch of fat to lose then Vanquish may not be for you. Instead, try our new EmSculpt treatment to increase muscle mass and break down fat in the process. Couture Med Spa is currently the only practice in Orange and Seminole county that offers EmSculpt. 

How much does VANQUISH cost? 

Local industry standards in the Central Florida area averages about $500-$800 per session for VANQUISH ME treatments, but we have great membership packages for an even better deal! Contact a location for more details. 

How long does it take? When will I see results?

A treatment session takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Most clients will need about 4 treatment sessions. You may start to see results 2-3 weeks after each treatment. 

How to prepare for treatment and aftercare? 

You should drink 8 glasses of water two days before, day of, and for four days after treatment. This helps improve lymphatic drainage, metabolism, and allows the VANQUISH ME device to work effectively. You may workout and resume normal activity immediately after treatment. 

Remove all metal objects such as jewelry/watches/eyeglasses and electronic devices (smartwatches, cell phones, ear pods, hearing aids, etc) before treatment to protect your skin. 

What are some possible side effects? 

Some possible side effects from this treatment include erythema, increased menstrual flow, heat injury if performed with a metal implant/IUD, and bruising. 

What does VANQUISH ME  feel like? Will it hurt? 

VANQUISH ME is a contactless comfortable treatment and pain-free. You should feel even, homogeneous heating that feels warm, but you will be provided a pager in case a hot spot occurs. If a hot spot occurs our highly trained staff will come to assist you to assure your comfort. Always ensure that the device does not touch the skin. If you change the positioning of your body by accident and the machine is now touching the skin just use the pager to notify our staff for assistance. 

What have clients been saying?

Our clients have a lot to say about this revolutionary treatment! Check it out: 

“This treatment [Vanquish] is amazing! Way better than Trusculpt and I am already seeing results after 2 weeks!” 

“I love it! It was painless!”

“It has been a week and I feel great!” 

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