Have Yourself a Cheeky Little Christmas

Restylane Contour is the new cheek filler in town that is quickly becoming a client favorite!

By: Nicole Lavoie APRN

Alright, I must spill the chestnuts and let you in on a little secret this holiday season. There is a new cheek filler in town here at Couture Med Spa called Restylane Contour. Restylane Contour has been becoming a client favorite and is indicated for cheek augmentation and correction of the midface. It is the only cheek filler that uses “XpresHan Technology” for flexible movement and very natural looking results.

Over 98 % of patients were pleased with their Contoured cheeks through 1 year! So, if aging like Jennifer Lopez is on your Christmas list this year… don’t worry. Here at Couture Med Spa we got you! Let us give you that natural make up contour look with a simple filler injection.

How to book your cheek filler consultation

  1. Call any of our 4 locations to set up a complimentary consultation with our experienced providers. We have locations in Ocoee, Winter Park, Oviedo, and Lake Mary. 
  2. Meet with one of our experienced providers to discuss if Restylane Contour is right for you and to review all pre and post care instructions for filler injections. 
  3. Plan when to get treated with the filler injections (clients can experience some bruising and swelling so it is best to avoid injections if there are any big events or plans coming up within the next two weeks). Same day treatments are available but just plan accordingly. 

What to avoid prior to cheek filler injections

  • Client should avoid blood thinning products like Aspirin, Motrin, and alcohol prior to getting injections to decrease the risk of bleeding as well as bruising with the treatment. 
  • Clients are encouraged to avoid lasers on the face 2 weeks before the filler treatments. 
  • If a client just received filler in that area and wants to add more, it is recommended to wait at least 2 weeks for injection site to heal before more can be added if desired. 
  • If clients have any skin sores, rashes, hives, cysts, or infection in the treatment area, the treatment will be postponed until healing is complete to avoid worsening skin conditions. 
  • If clients have an allergy to lidocaine, it is imperative that they let the provider know so that the provider can arrange for accommodations for treatment. 

What to expect post cheek filler injections

  • The most common adverse effects initially after treatment include bruising, redness, swelling, pain, tenderness in the area, and mild itching at the injection site. 
  • Clients want to avoid exercise for at least 48 hours post filler treatments. 
  • Clients want to avoid putting a lot of pressure on the area to avoid moving the product until it fully settles. Clients want to try to not sleep on their side or stomach to avoid that pressure.
  • Clients want to continue to avoid blood thinning products to diminish bruising with healing process. 
  • If a client gets cheek filler, the client will have to wait 2 weeks before a laser and facial can be done on the face post filler injection. 
  • Client after cheek filler will also have to wait 2 weeks if the client wants to add more to the area if desired. 

The results of Restylane Contour speak for themselves–this cheeky contour will have you loving the natural look of filler!