Fuller Lips without Filler: The Lip Flip

By Mary Brooks, APRN, Winter Park

By Mary Brooks, APRN, Couture Med Spa Winter Park

Lip Filler vs. Lip Flip
There has been a steady increase in the demand for cosmetic procedures and injectables, including neurotoxins and dermal fillers. For those who are interested in lip treatments, but aren’t quite ready to take the leap and get their lips done with hyaluronic acid fillers, this blog is for you.  

Keep in mind, that filler and Botox are not the same and do not bring the same results. Filler adds volume with a hyaluronic acid, which makes the lip appear larger by literally making it bigger, while Botox relaxes the muscles around the mouth, rolling the lip outward (i.e. “flipping” it), creating the illusion of a bigger lip without the added volume.

How does Botox work?
In general, neurotoxins (i.e. Botox or Dysport) prevent the release of the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which nerves release to make muscles contract. When injecting neurotoxins into a specific muscle, the effect is that the targeted muscle relaxes. 

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What is the “Lip Flip”?
The “Lip Flip”, which is done using a neurotoxin such as Botox or Dysport is the new hype in cosmetic injectables.  A lip flip involves meticulously injecting small amounts of Botox (about 5-10 units) into the upper portion of the orbicularis oris muscle, which encircles the lips and is responsible for the movement of the mouth and lips. This temporarily relaxes the muscle in your upper lip, causing it to roll upward slightly creating a poutier look. 

In other words, you’re working with lip volume that in most cases, we didn’t even know was there by just flipping the lip up to make it more visible. Most patients notice the effects within a few days of treatment, with full results in about one week. The effects of Botox or Dysport for lips lasts about one to two months.  

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