Build a More Youthful Jawline with Filler or Botox

By Tiffany M. Darnold, MMS, PA-C, Oviedo 

By Tiffany M. Darnold, MMS, PA-C, Couture Med Spa Oviedo 

Use Botox to reconstruct your jawline, Masseter and Platysmal Band for anti-aging
All clients are unique especially when it comes to their facial structure. We help clients who want to construct a personalized plan to define their jawline and reconstruct their facial structure. 

In this blog, I am going to discuss a variety of contributing factors that cause an aging jawline. Many clients come to Couture Med Spa concerns about their jawline, but they are uncertain of the cause or how to reverse the aging process to get a more desired youthful looking jawline without surgery. 

How Couture Med Spa treats jawline and neck anti-aging 
Here are Couture Med Spa, we have many minimally invasive treatment options to service these concerns such as filler for the jawline to improve structure and reduce jowls, Botox to slim the jawline, and Botox to help reduce the muscular strain which pulls down on the jowls and neck… can we say Nefertiti Lift?! 

The Nefertiti Lift utilizes injections of Botox along the platysmal bands to help with neck lifting, adds definition to the jawline, and reduces the appearance of jowls. 

Jawline Filler
As we age our mandible (the lower jawbone) begins to erode and lose volume leaving you with looser, sagging skin with the appearance of unsightly jowls which some people refer to as the ‘bulldog effect’. Getting jawline filler can help minimize this effect by correcting the volume loss of the jawline. 

My favorite product to use for jawline reconstruction is Restylane Lyft with a cannula.
Jawline filler is FDA approved, safe, and effective. We use a small cannula with only one entry point per side to minimize the pain (usually slight to none at all) and virtually eliminates the risk of bruising and other undesired effects such as vascular compromise leaving you with a more defined jawline.

How to prepare for your jawline filler treatment
To prepare for your filler appointment I recommend avoiding aspirin and other blood thinners with your doctor’s permission for 7 days to further avoid the risk of bruises. Although you are able to safely be injected in the jawline even if you are unable to stop your blood-thinning medications since the risk of bruising is low. 

Other vitamins and supplements to avoid a week prior to your treatment if desired to further minimize the risk of bruising are Omega 3, Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Ibuprofen (NSAIDs), and Aleve (NSAIDs). However, you may use arnica before and after treatment to reduce bruising and swelling, if desired. 

Before you book your jawline filler appointment
Before booking please make sure you have not had any laser therapy treatments on your face or neck for the past two weeks. After your filler, you may safely go back to work immediately and resume other facial treatments just two weeks after your jawline filler. 

Please avoid exercise for 48 hours and do not apply pressure along the jawline while lying down as well during this time. 

After Treatment Results
Now it is time to show off your new look and impress your friends. 

The filler we use at Couture, Restylane Lyft, has long-lasting results and can last up to 12-18 months. 

Botox for your Masseter Muscle
If you feel like your jawline is too bulky it could be contributed by your masseter muscle. Masseter muscles sit near the back end of your jawline on both sides. The stronger they are the more issues they can cause such as bruxism (teeth grinding), TMJ, and overall bulkiness. 

But you’re in luck! To correct these problems is very easy. Botox may be injected safely directly into the muscle and usually takes about 15-20 units per side for most clients. 

Fast Facts about Botox for your Masseter Muscle
  • After your injection please do not exercise for 8 hours and no laying down for 4 hours to ensure the best results. 
  • Botox is FDA approved to last about 3-4 months on average though studies have shown variation depending on how your body metabolizes the product. 
  • At Couture Med Spa this treatment can be done in a simple 15-minute appointment for only $7.97 per unit for members!
Want to see if this will work for you? Schedule a free consultation with us.
Nonsurgical Neck Lift
Get a neck lift and rid yourself of those pesky platysmal bands in your neck without surgery! Surgeons used to surgically cut the platysmal bands for cosmetic results to improve your jawline and neckline, but now we can quickly and easily use Botox along each band to help vertical lines and lift the neck. 

An extra added bonus is the improvement of the jawline and jowls because the bands are typically pulling down along the jawline making the skin stretch and sag. 

Once Botox is injected this will be a problem of the past and only takes two weeks to fully work after your Botox session. The amount of Botox units varies depending on how many bands need to be treated. 

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