Body Contouring Journey

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By: Candace Kettlehut 

Whether wanting to be healthier, skinnier or just look and feel better, there are many reasons clients choose the Body Contouring membership here at Couture Med Spa. The membership includes both Emsculpt and Vanquish, which help to melt away any unwanted body fat, as well as tone muscles, and requires zero recovery time.

Everyone’s journey is different. Some people use the Body Contouring membership to jumpstart their diet and exercise regimen, while others have been doing it for months and need the membership to help them get over their weight-loss plateau. When thinking about the determination and goals clients have achieved with our Body Contouring membership, one client comes to mind as a true testament to its worth! This client would like to remain anonymous (so we’ll just call her Emily) but is happy to have her story told to help inspire others to do what it takes to reach their goals to live a happier and healthier life.

Emily’s weight loss journey started months before coming to Couture Med Spa. She was going on a trip to see family and old friends she hadn’t seen in years. Emily, like most, wanted to look and feel her best for her reunion. For her, this meant losing some weight. At first, she started with a diet change and tried a strict 300-calorie diet. She then added a daily exercise regimen by joining Orange Theory. Although Emily had lost some weight, she felt she had hit a weight-loss plateau.

Emily knew that using the same approach which worked initially would mostly likely maintain her weight loss, but it wouldn’t lead to losing more weight. She then heard about our Body Contouring membership at Couture Med Spa and decided to give it a try. Emily decided to sign for four memberships, leading her to come in weekly for her services. With the use of Emsculpt and Vanquish, she was able to get over the plateau phase and she continues to lose more weight and inches. Due to COVID, her trip ended up getting canceled, but with the success of her weight loss, she gained confidence which encouraged her to continue her weight loss journey. As of today, she has a personal trainer, follows the Weight-Watchers diet, and comes to Couture Med Spa twice a week.

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